Growing up in Canada this game was IT for me and my buddies. We dumped endless amounts of quarters into machines just like this. Always told myself I'd own one someday and when the chance came up I grabbed it.
This is the original Chexx offering, the one I was waiting for. The classic USA vs Russia theme complete with the opening anthem, BOO buttons, crowd noises, etc.




Now this one was in pretty good shape when I got but I still managed to dump a lot of money into it. :)

First was the scoreboard, it had a few issues. The biggest thing was the bulbs that light the rink would turn off after a few minutes of playing. I discovered that the fan above the scoreboard wasn't working so the lights were overheating, and shutting down a thermal fuse. Replacing the fan with a new one solved that issue.

The second problem was the period indicators, they didn't light up. When I disassembled the scoreboard I found that the bulbs were all burned out. I decided to replace them with LED's and now they are all working great and should last a lifetime. The third issue was and still is a burned out LED segment on one side of the scoreboard. Doesn't really bother me any so I haven't looked into it but I'm sure it'd be an easy fix.

I also replaced the ribbon cable that runs up to the scoreboard as it had some breaks in it and had been repaired a few times.




The nets and the ice ramps behind the nets were yellowed and cracked so they were the first thing to go cosmetically. Also a few of the players were incorrect and after much searching I was lucky enough to find some original, unused players from a fellow up here in Canada. They weren't cheap but well worth the investment. More recently I changed half the gearboxes, the other half were still like new.

Other cosmetic improvements included repainting the front coin door and replacing the corners pieces (after I took the pics here). I also had some replacement CHEXX decals custom made to replace the somewhat damaged originals along the sides. I haven't applied them yet but they should really help bring it back to it's former glory..