My friends and I grew up in the peak of the 80's Metal era and GH definitely caters to our generation.

As a result this game series quickly left everything else in my arcade room collecting dust.

I knew I had to take it to the next level so I decided to build a cabinet around it.

And here is the result. It's a takeoff of one of the most iconic symbols of Heavy Metal..  

 The Mighty Marshall Stack!









The cabinet was built from scratch using new actual Marshall pieces for the most part.

It's actually comprised of 3 cabinets that can be separated for transporting..

The Bottom cab houses the heavy-hittin' Logitech Z2300 Sub and my PS2 w/HD mod

The Center cab is the 27" flat-screen Toshiba CRT TV

The Head cab has the Logitech L/R speakers and a backlit GH marquee